Workshops & Group Classes

Take advantage of working together.

My small group personal training classes are designed for people looking to have a fantastic workout in a semi-private environment. This means I coach no more than 10 people in a class, so I can focus on watching my clients’ form, and give proper cues and encouragement.

Most often, people transitioning out of one-on-one personal training with me are the ones that attend this class, though it is open to everyone. Beginners are not usually recommended, as the class can be a bit fast paced. I would recommend a beginner to start with at least 10 sessions with me to get their mojo going.

Classes focus on resistance training and high intensity interval training. We love free weights, kettle bells, squats and deadlifts, body weight exercises; the list goes on… It’s fun, hard and you’ll be glad you did it when the class is done!

All classes are 45 minutes in length and take place at Quad Spin, in Leslieville.

Classes run every Tuesday at 6:30pm, and Saturday at 8:00am.


One-month membership: $200 (there are no refunds or make up classes unfortunately).

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