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The Holistic Detox and Metabolic Challenge is for someone who is tired of plain out cyclical patterns with their nutrition and workout habits. It’s for someone who has a vested interest in their health and wants to learn:

  • What they specifically need in order to have great energy all day, sleep well, have an amazing figure, avoid chronic illness and still have a social life!
  • How to overcome self-sabotage, ‘falling off the wagon’ and being a weekend warrior vs a year round healthy person.
  • When to safely implement a detox to keep their digestive system functioning well, keep inflammation and water retention at bay, and metabolic function high.

In this 12 week challenge you will learn how to workout, how intensely to workout, how often you should be working out and how to pick up on signs of burnout, overtraining and who to prevent injury.

You will also learn how YOU should be eating to support your health goals, whatever they may be! As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I help my clients overcome food intolerances, improve digestion, lose excess weight and water retention, improve hormonal regulation and I’ve even helped someone reverse their diabetes. Not kidding.

If you’re ready to finally learn how to live a balanced, healthy yet still socially fulfilling life – then this 12-week challenge is for you.

Please contact me to apply, there are only 5 spots available. Registration closes November 15th 2017.

All sessions are 55 minutes in length and take place at Dwell Gym, in Leslieville – or – For nutrition coaching, The East Room 50 Carroll St, Leslieville.


Please contact for info + pricing

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