Personal Training

One on one consultation.

My dedication as a personal trainer is to find out exactly what it is that you are looking to achieve, then deliver it to you, no questions asked.

This journey is about you! I’m here to help facilitate your needs for growth as you become stronger, leaner, more conditioned and mobile.

I would love to connect and learn about your goals and needs and talk about how I will be able to help. Contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation.

All training and consults are done at Dwell Gym, in Leslieville, Toronto.

Functional Movement Assessment

This is where I run you through a series of “exercises” to determine where your areas of focus should be in terms of strength and mobility. From this I can develop a custom training program for you, always keeping in mind your main goals.

One-on-one Personal Training

This is where we get down to business. Each session begins with some mobility work and a dynamic warm up. From there we focus on resistance training using free weights, machines, and functional equipment such as the TRX, prowler, battle ropes, medicine balls etc.

It is important to me that my clients are not only developing the balance and strength their bodies need, but are also having fun! Variety and interest are always on my mind when writing your programming. Sessions are 55 mins in length and take place at Dwell Gym, in Leslieville.

All personal training purchased is as an automatically renewing monthly membership that you can cancel at any time. This aids to keep things on track, organized, easy and leaves more room to focus on what really matters…your training!

Online Personal Training

Have custom workouts delivered straight to your smart phone. All exercises are accompanied by videos along with my own personal tips and coaching.

This is a great way to transition from one-on-one personal training with me to your own schedule. We can have as much or as little communication as you need to get you confident with your personal workouts.

Note that all online training must begin with a functional movement assessment. From there I can develop a safe and effective program for you.

  • $400 - $1200
  • One-on-one Personal Training
    • Personal Training is a monthly membership.

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