Holistic Nutrition

The medicine of the future

Holistic nutrition is the medicine of the future. By investigating the areas of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle, we can determine where there is most room for improvement then develop a plan to best help you achieve your goals in those areas.

Meal Preparation
Finding my centre of gravity

A wonderful teacher of mine spent a lot of time teaching me about “finding my centre of gravity”. It took me months to figure out what I needed to do everyday in order to feel grounded, healthy and myself. The main thing that I determined during that self-reflective phase was that nutrition is the key to vitality. Of course, exercise and journaling are part of a healthy routine as well, but food…food is what can make or break daily experiences in life.

Meal With Avocado
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

After years of reading articles, blogs, chatting with other health professionals etc., I decided to get down to business and take my learning to the next level so I attended Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. After completing my schooling I had concrete opinions and great protocols partnered with intense passion to help many different types of clients with their goals and needs.

Some of them include
nutrition for:

Athletes | Weight-loss | Detoxification | Gut healing/Immunity | Diabetes | Paleo | Gluten-Free | Dairy Free, Vegan | Vegetarian



Consultations can be done via Skype, or in person in Leslieville. Services include:
• An initial consultation to determine your needs and goals
• A detailed protocol including recommendations for nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle
• Unlimited email support
• 2 Follow-up consultations to track your progress and update recommendations


Holistic Nutrition + any panel of Lifestyle Genomics = 10% off

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