Custom Packages

Optimum selection for you
  • $1,500
  • ‘Just Getting Started’
  • Includes:

    • 3 holistic nutrition sessions including a custom lifestyle and supplement protocol
    • 1 functional movement assessment
    • 10 private personal training sessions with Cassandra

    This package is ideal for someone who is just starting out and is looking for the tools to get organized for success in the areas of nutrition, stress management techniques and getting that body moving!

  • $1,000
  • 'IBS Coaching'
  • Includes:

    • Holistic Nutrition Intake
    • Nutrition, Supplementation, and Lifestyle Recommendations
    • 3 Months of Support & Coaching

    I would recommend this package for someone who is suffering from IBS/SIBO, food intolerances, and painful digestive symptoms. I specialize in identifying the foods, lifestyle, and mental/emotional patterns that keep people stuck and unable to overcome this painful digestive condition, then give ongoing support and strategies to get on the other side of this illness. Healing is possible. It takes education, diligence and change, and this program offers just that.

  • $1,680
  • 'Strategy Coaching'
  • Includes:

    • 4 months of weekly coaching sessions
    • Identification of patterns that contribute to negative relationships, health, and mental wellness
    • Support & strategies in the areas of nutrition, relationships (work, personal and with self), and physical health, to give you the tools to create positive and lasting change in your life!

    This package is for someone who is 100% ready to face their ‘shit’. For someone who has had ENOUGH of the same negative patterns that keep showing up in their life. Guess what…It isn’t by accident, you don’t have ‘bad luck’…you’re actually choosing it over and over again! It is my commitment and passion to help you uncover the thoughts and behaviours that keep inviting that negativity in to your life, then give you the strategies to learn to choose more positively. Change comes when we change our behaviour, and it takes time. Weekly coaching sessions are most helpful to stay on top of your ‘shit’, and see real change in just a few short months.


I created these packages based on what I feel most clients are looking for, though any package can be customized to your specific wants and needs. Group 3 or more services together and receive 10% off your total!

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