3 Things I Do To Find The Motivation To Workout

3 Things I Do To Find The Motivation To Workout

Let’s be real…It’s January 9th 2018 and everyone’s about a week or so into the whole New Year New Me vibe ammi right?

Damn straight I’m right! It’s all I hear in the beginning of the new year and trust me, I get it.

But what happens when you’re a week or two into your new fitness regime, you’re meal planning, pooping great, have tons of energy and then …. crickets.

The excitement is gone, you’ve worn all of your new workout gear at least once already and you know everyone in the gym at this point. Boredom sets in!


I hear you. Me too! (Not kidding).

I’ve been in love with fitness since I can remember. I literally came out of the womb doing a bicep curl lol

My idols growing up were Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I drew pictures of them with muscles and dreamed of one day becoming a fitness competitor. At the age of 15 I called down to the US and asked the ISSA if I could become a certified trainer and they chuckled (in a sweet way) and told me I’d have to wait until I was 18! I almost died, 3 more years of slumming it without a personal training certification?? Bah!!

If that girl can also lose her motivation to workout just a week into the new year, new you craze, then let’s be real (we said we were being real, yea?) how the hell is everyone who doesn’t naturally LOVE workouts, has kids, a full time job, deals with traffic and a MILLION other things to do in a day supposed to have a lasting and fulfilling relationship with working out?

I’ll tell you…It takes just 3 steps (Uh uh, don’t roll your eyes, seriously! Try them :))


  1. Perspective.

You have a body that can move. In some small way at the very least all the way to some pretty big ways! Get in your power, step into your body, claim that right to move freely and own the fact that YOU ARE ALIVE!! Whatever movement makes you happy, get it in!!

  1. Remember.

Remember why you’re working out. It’s easy to forget after a while. Haven’t made a list of reasons yet? Make one! A long, detailed, fun and true one. For me, my reasons to workout are the following:

  • It helps me not be a grumpy, sad, depressed irritable person
  • My PMS goes away when I do it regularly (everyone is thankful of that one)
  • My skin feels amazing
  • I climb stars with no discomfort
  • I play with my dog in the park and bond with her
  • I have clear and lasting energy through the day
  • I fit into jeans and wear tanks and feel SEXY AND PROUD of my vessel
  • I connect with my clients more and can cue them better/push them harder
  • I feel like I’m investing in my future self and avoiding illnesses that can come with getting older and being sedentary
  • It’s “me time”. My music. My thoughts. My hour.

When laziness creeps in, I remind myself of these things and instantly feel stoked to get back into the gym (or whatever I’m doing to move that day).

  1. Stop thinking, just do.

After you remind yourself of all of the above – Stop thinking. Just do! NIKE has the best slogan!! Pick your podcast or playlist, strap on your runners and F*%#ing GO! Thinking any further than that can lead to excuses, don’t do that. Put your blinders on and get in there girl!

Remember guys, everyone loses their motivation from time to time. It’s completely normal. The difference is, those who have a healthy relationship with workouts know this and choose not to stop at the first sign of difficulty or roadblocks. They knowledge the pattern, choose empowering thoughts and get into action.

If being healthy, working out, eating well and developing a positive long-term relationship with Self is a goal of yours then it is so so important to find ways to overcome the completely normal human tendency of self-sabotage.

You can do it. Now go and get it! <3

Cassandra Hope



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